I am obsessed with this salted caramel sauce

Make it, it’s easy.


This is about the caramel, not the bars…but those are damn tasty, too. Get the recipe here.


2 Cups granulated sugar

12 TBS unsalted butter

1 Cup heavy cream

1 TBS sea salt (flaky finish salt such as fleur de sel is best)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Get everything ready, this baby moves fast! Heat the sugar in a heavy pot over medium heat – when it begins to melt, start stirring (it’s easier if the pot is larger/has a wider bottom, otherwise it’ll take forever to melt). Stir, stir, stir. Once the sugar is melted, let it sit until it turns a copper color. DON’T LET IT BURN!!!!! But also don’t be scared and take it off while it’s too light, because that will make your caramel bland. Watch that sucker, because the line between tasty AF and burnt is itty-bitty. Once your sugar is at a delicious caramel color,  stir in the butter – keep stirring until it’s combined (it’ll look greasy around the edges at first; keep stirring). Once your butter’s incorporated, take it off the heat and stir in the cream – slowly, it’s gonna bubble up (this is also where a nice, large pot comes in handy). Once smooth, stir in salt and vanilla. Let it cool and keep it in the fridge (it gets pretty stiff when it’s cold, but I like it that way – once it warms up, it’ll get saucy again). Eat on EVERYTHING. I particularly like to dip apples in it when it’s cold and the consistency is more dip-like than sauce-like…it’s about 50 trillion times better than that stuff they sell near the apples at the store (though I’ll eat the crap outta that too, let’s be honest).



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