Happy Friday!

Plus some pics from the past few weeks.

Happy December! I’m kicking the month off with a three-day weekend (starting today), and I’m pumped to start decorating for Christmas. Aside from decorating, I have tentative plans to see Lady Bird with a few of my Lady Friends, and I’m looking forward to starting the yearly Raum tradition of cramming as many cheesy Hallmark holiday movies into the month as humanly possible. Have a holly jolly weekend, and here are a few pics I’ve snapped recently:


Loving these little berry branches combined with a spring or two of eucalyptus


The best old fashioned at one of our new (to us) favorite spots


Thanksgiving tablescape


Kicking turkey day off with a little cheese and boozy punch


Thanksgiving spread (minus mashed potatoes, which were keeping warm in the slow cooker)


Getting festive with some (very) boozy ‘nog



Black & White Photo Challenge

The other day, I was bemoaning the fact that I hopped on the Instagram train a bit late and missed most of those photo challenges everyone used to do – I’m always talking about how I don’t take pictures enough, and a photo challenge would be the perfect thing to encourage me to snap more pics. Then, as if by magic, this black & white photo challenge started popping up all over the place (although this one seems to be mostly on Facebook, which…lame). So, I decided to participate…except I’m going to participate in blog form, instead of on Instagram (or more weirdly, Facebook).

Side note: Is it weird that these things are referred to as “challenges”? I think so; yes. Taking 7 photos in 7 days is hardly a challenge…anyway, I digress.

Here’s the challenge: “Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation.” Okay…so it’s a wee bit pretentious, and not the most exciting “challenge” I’ve seen…those themed picture every day challenges were a lot more interesting (and actually somewhat of a challenge, I suppose). But I’ll take it…plus, since it’s so easy, I should be able to handle it without dropping out 3 days in. Here goes – I’ll be posting two photos today (one for yesterday, and one for today).

My Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend felt like THAT weekend…that one perfect fall weekend when the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and the leaves are the most beautiful bright shade of red. We managed to pack a lot of fun into the three-day weekend: a night out on the town seeing some live music with friends Thursday evening, a haircut and trip to Wegman’s for me on Friday afternoon, a visit to Bates Motel on Saturday night, and a relaxing, slow Sunday.


Clockwise, from top left:

1. Fun with friends at the Queen.

2. Wegman’s haul!

3. Maple sugar cookies with some festive sprinkle action.

4. Sunday soup: roasted butternut squash with apple.

5. I went a little crazy in the bulk candy section…

6. Best place on Earth.

7. Waiting room with a view.


My Week in Pictures

This week flew by, probably because I was off on Tuesday and had a lot of stuff going on at work to break up my days. This weekend is supposed to be stormy and brisk, so I plan on holing up with lots of coffee and maybe some hot cider cocktails. Have a lovely weekend, and stay safe if you’re in Hurricane Joaquin’s path.IMG_4551Enjoying a drizzly National Coffee Day from the comfort of my couch.


Autumn cocktail and Anthro catalog.IMG_4560The product of a flower arranging networking session at work.

IMG_4566Apple cider carrot loaf with cream cheese frosting.