Phew, it’s been a crazy couple of months. Between travel, house projects (mainly the bedroom), work, and life, I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to write…plus, if I’m being honest, anxiety has been rearing its nasty little head during the past few weeks. I this this is because there’s so much uncertainty and potential for change in the coming months – benefit enrollment is looming at work, and I’ll be increasing my coverage since we’ll be trying to get pregnant in the coming months. When I sat down to review the plan options, it just kind of hit me – will we be able to get pregnant? If we do, will everything go smoothly? Will the baby be healthy? Will I be healthy? Will we be good parents? How will a baby affect our relationship? And so on and so forth. So…nothing bad, just a lot to think about making my (already anxious) head spin. Ch-ch-ch-changes!


Anyway…the weather is finally turning crisp, and there are already leaves on the ground – it seems like that short cool snap we had several weeks ago made the leaves turn earlier than normal around here, despite the fact that the temperature had been hovering around 90 degrees (!!) until the past few days. It’s really starting to feel like autumn, my fluffy robe has been pulled out, and I’m itching to bake all the things. Life should finally be settling down just a bit around here (until holiday craziness hits, of course), so hopefully I’ll have time to share some of the fun stuff that’s been going on. Although I’m itching to share a bedroom reveal, we’re still working on the finishing touches…but so far, I’m loving what we’ve done. It’s finally feeling like more of a calming retreat than an unfinished room with some furniture thrown in it (and after 4+ years, I’d say it’s about time). I also have pics to share from New Orleans and Savannah, so stay tuned!


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