My Trader Joe’s Snack Picks

It’s my weekend to work (I work from home when I work the weekend, so it’s no biggie), it’s a S-L-O-W day, the weather is gloomy, and I’m sipping a latte and enjoying a Trader Joe’s pumpkin vanilla candle. Speaking of TJ’s, I figured what better time to share some of my favorite products – that’s something that’s never been done by anyone on the Internet before, right? (Ha!) It’s actually become somewhat of a game between me and my co-workers – whenever we’re bored, we just start listing our most recent TJ’s picks. This list could go on for 10 pages, so today I’ll focus on the fun stuff: snacks/junkfood. Here goes:

Image result for popcorn in a pickle

Popcorn in a pickle: My one true love. I could eat three bags of this stuff in one sitting.

Image result for trader joe's cornbread crisps

Cornbread Crisps: I was skeptical of these until a co-worker all but shoved one in my mouth (I’m not huge on cornbread), and HOLY MOLY are they good. So crispy and the perfect sweet/salty combo…they’re good alone, but PERFECT dipped in chili.

Image result for trader joe's jalapeno artichoke dip

Chunky Artichoke & Jalapeno Dip: SO good, especially with…

Image result for trader joe's pita crackers

Pita Bite Crackers: Addictive as all get out, and they go with literally anything.

Image result for trader joe's sea salt & turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds

Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds: Everyone loves a good salted dark chocolate almond, but that turbinado sugar gives these that perfect addictive crunch.

Image result for unexpected cheddar

Unexpected Cheddar: So yummy and salty, with a little parmesan bite.

Image result for honey jalapeno chevre

Jalapeno and Honey Chevre: Creamy, with a surprising amount of kick.

Image result for brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches

Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches: These things are my new obsession – you guys, they are FREAKING DELICIOUS. The brownie is perfectly chewy, the ice cream is rich and creamy with the perfect coffee kick, and they’re the perfect little size…to eat the whole box. These are dangerous little suckers.

Image result for trader joe's triple ginger snaps

Triple Ginger Snaps: Heavenly dipped in coffee…or milk…or nothing. The crystallized ginger is key in these. Once you try these guys, you’ll never buy regular ginger snaps again.

Image result for trader joe's almond croissants

Almond Croissants: These require a little forethought as they need to rise overnight, but it’s WELL worth it. You’ll think you fell asleep and woke up in a quaint patisserie in Paris.

Of course, there’s plenty more that could go on this list…but these are more or less the items I’ve grabbed time and time again. I’ll do a more extensive “essentials” list another time!


All photos courtesy of  Trader Joe’s

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