Waiting for Spring…





I’m pushing HARD for spring around here – I’ve got the bright, flowery candles burning, I’ve got the relaxed, warm weather tunes pumping. I’ve brought the outside in, but I’m ready to take the inside (ME) out. Come on, sunshine & warm weather! We’re waiting for you!


My Kitchen Countertops Are Ruining All My Pictures




Why do you do this to me, ugly yellow granite? Or rather, why do you do this to me, previous homeowners who chose the ugly yellow granite? I realize that this was a popular material choice back in the early aughts, but if I’m to understand correctly, our kitchen was re-done shortly before we bought the house (which was in 2013). Could you not have chosen something a bit more neutral or modern? Don’t even get me started on the maroon wall (THAT WE’VE STILL YET TO PAINT).

Nothing looks good on this countertop. Nothing, I say! My white dishes clash with it. It makes pictures look dark and dingy, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to prevent that. Counterintuitively, any light in the area glares off of it, making pictures suck regardless of time of day or weather.

It’s also hindering my ability to re-do my kitchen (which is maybe why I keep putting it off? Sure, we’ll go with that.) Since we don’t plan to stay here forever, we don’t want to do a full gut job and have no intention of replacing these damn countertops. But it makes it difficult to do ANYTHING with the space, because everything I like decor-wise (white, gray, anything neutral) clashes with it. I suppose I could go black (like a tuxedo situation), but that would make the space even darker. Plus I don’t really want to paint the (ugly off-white) cabinets anyway.

Also! (And yes, I know I wrote basically the same thing 3 years ago on my old blog) These suckers are impossible to clean. I mean, they’re pretty easy to clean – they’re granite – but they camouflage everything, so I can never tell whether or not they’re ACTUALLY clean without breaking my back leaning from various angles. “That sounds like a benefit!” you say? To that I very respectfully say, kick rocks. It sucks.

So here I sit with ugly pictures. WOE IS ME. Could I have it worse? OH ABSOLUTELY ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. Am I still going to wine incessantly about it? Quite obviously yes. One day we will buy a house and I will gut the kitchen regardless of condition when we move in and I will have my dream kitchen (white people, amirite?) Until then, I’ll be over here dreaming of all the gorgeous Cambria Quartz. I’LL HAVE YOU ONE DAY, CAMBRIA QUARTZ!!

All the heart eyes.

Black & White Photo Challenge

The other day, I was bemoaning the fact that I hopped on the Instagram train a bit late and missed most of those photo challenges everyone used to do – I’m always talking about how I don’t take pictures enough, and a photo challenge would be the perfect thing to encourage me to snap more pics. Then, as if by magic, this black & white photo challenge started popping up all over the place (although this one seems to be mostly on Facebook, which…lame). So, I decided to participate…except I’m going to participate in blog form, instead of on Instagram (or more weirdly, Facebook).

Side note: Is it weird that these things are referred to as “challenges”? I think so; yes. Taking 7 photos in 7 days is hardly a challenge…anyway, I digress.

Here’s the challenge: “Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation.” Okay…so it’s a wee bit pretentious, and not the most exciting “challenge” I’ve seen…those themed picture every day challenges were a lot more interesting (and actually somewhat of a challenge, I suppose). But I’ll take it…plus, since it’s so easy, I should be able to handle it without dropping out 3 days in. Here goes – I’ll be posting two photos today (one for yesterday, and one for today).