I love orlando soria.

So much. I want him to be my best friend.


That’s all. I highly recommend following him on Instagram and watching his stories; he’s hysterical and it will make your life at least 30% more delightful.

As you were.


Image via Hommemaker.

Black & White Photo Challenge

The other day, I was bemoaning the fact that I hopped on the Instagram train a bit late and missed most of those photo challenges everyone used to do – I’m always talking about how I don’t take pictures enough, and a photo challenge would be the perfect thing to encourage me to snap more pics. Then, as if by magic, this black & white photo challenge started popping up all over the place (although this one seems to be mostly on Facebook, which…lame). So, I decided to participate…except I’m going to participate in blog form, instead of on Instagram (or more weirdly, Facebook).

Side note: Is it weird that these things are referred to as “challenges”? I think so; yes. Taking 7 photos in 7 days is hardly a challenge…anyway, I digress.

Here’s the challenge: “Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation.” Okay…so it’s a wee bit pretentious, and not the most exciting “challenge” I’ve seen…those themed picture every day challenges were a lot more interesting (and actually somewhat of a challenge, I suppose). But I’ll take it…plus, since it’s so easy, I should be able to handle it without dropping out 3 days in. Here goes – I’ll be posting two photos today (one for yesterday, and one for today).

Instagram Etiquette

Do you have any Instagram pet peeves?

Mine is when people (typically people who don’t use Instagram often, or ones who are new to IG) spam my feed with a ton pictures over the course of a day (or often, a few minutes). Especially now that you’re able to upload albums, there’s no excuse for feed-clogging! I say keep it to a couple posts a day, max (or maybe three or four if you’re on vacation or something…but even that should be spread out over the course of the day, and it’s still pushing it).


A thing I definitely shouldn’t have posted to IG, but did anyway

Another thing that drives me bonkers is when people post 50 snaps or IG stories of live music (I may or may not be guilty of this myself). I know it’s tempting when you’re swept up in the moment, but a blurry video with sudden LOUD, distorted sound is a hard pass for me, dawg.

If “to post, or not to post?” is a question you struggle with, check this handy little guide. Or, y’know, just go ahead and post. Who am I, the queen of Instagram?