Life Lately

Now for something a little lighter! Life’s been pretty crazy around here…not for any particular reason; there’s just been a lot going on (mostly fun activities, but I’ve been pretty swamped at work as well). Let’s catch up, shall we? Travel: We have a lot of travel plans packed into a pretty short period of … More Life Lately


Happy New Year, friends! Here are some things I’m digging this January… My bathrobe: Jeff and I gifted each other hotel-style white terry bathrobes for Christmas this year, and it’s been a real game-changer, at least on my end. I use that sucker every single day. Our bathroom is freezing cold, so I wrap myself … More Digging


Here’s what I’m digging this week… Money Diaries: I’m obsessed with this feature from Refinery 29. They interview a huge variety of women (usually in their 20s or early 30s) living in different parts of the country (some are actually living abroad), with varying salaries, and have them list out everything they spend money on … More Digging


Here’s what I’m digging lately… Novels – I was a voracious reader growing up (and when I say “voracious,” I mean my parents literally had to pry the books out of my hands for fear I would ruin my eyes from constantly having my face shoved in a book). Since my early 20’s, I shamefully … More Digging

Autumn Weekends

Whew, what a year it’s been (and continues to be). Not only was I wrapped up in planning my own wedding, but I’m also in a close friend’s wedding in less than a month, and I transitioned into a new position at work a couple months ago. The good news is, my new position requires … More Autumn Weekends


We did it! I’ve officially been a married lady for about three weeks now. Everything was more beautiful and perfect than I ever could have imagined (with a few perfectly imperfect details that made the whole thing real, of course!) I don’t have many pictures yet, but I’ll share a few favorites once I get … More Hitched.