It’s currently 84 degrees at 7:29 PM. My windows are open, I’m drinking white wine, eating pickle-flavored popcorn and watching Gilmore Girls, and Jeff’s outside mowing the lawn. If it’s possible to be happier, I’m not sure what that would look like (but I assume it involves a baby goat).    

Love Is…

Love is…reading one of those sappy “Love Is” posts that say something like, “Love is not having fun and laughing every day. Love is fighting over the dishwasher and having a meltdown because you work late every day and he didn’t put the dishes away. Love is driving each other crazy and screaming at each … More Love Is…

Hello, friends!

Hey, guys! As you can probably tell, life’s been a little crazy to update the old blog. And to be honest, the break has felt pretty good. I write a lot (actually, constantly) at work, so I was a little burnt out. But I’m missing writing about lighter, less serious stuff, so I’m going to … More Hello, friends!

Holiday Round-Up

This holiday season has felt bonkers, and it FLEW by. I feel like I can safely say this has been the busiest holiday season I can remember. Thankfully, I got over my grinchiness by early December and I’ve been enjoying the holiday whirlwind. I will say, though…I still don’t know that I’d say I feel … More Holiday Round-Up

Yearly Wrap-Up

Even though I don’t really blog anymore, I like to do a yearly wrap-up to look back on. Each year when I read the post from the year before, I’m always surprised to find at least a couple of things I had completely forgotten about! It’s not even Christmas yet, but I just read over … More Yearly Wrap-Up

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This year is a little less lighthearted than normal, with everything that’s going on in the world. That said, I’m doing my best to proceed as normal and to enjoy my fortunate life with the people I love. That’s all we really can do. Life must go on. Speaking of life – it’s been … More Happy Thanksgiving

A Story

Yesterday on my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things for a baking project I’m doing for work. When I parked, an older black man stopped in front of my car and started speaking. I couldn’t hear him, so I rolled down my window and … More A Story