Mid-Week Escape

Last night, Jeff and I took off work early and headed up to Philly to catch a concert at Festival Pier.

We wanted to avoid rush-hour traffic, so we decided to get an early start and were off & running by 3:30 or so. Despite not quite missing the swarms of traffic that clog 95 every afternoon (d’oh!) we arrived in the city shortly after 4 and settled in at Cuba Libre for happy hour. Recommended to me by some friends, Cuba Libre is this amazing Cuban restaurant and rum bar in Center City, and they have THE most amazing food and cocktails. They have a killer tapas selection for happy hour, so we each knocked back a couple of drinks and gorged ourselves on plantain chips and guac, padron peppers, ablondigas, and empanadas. Whoops, so much for healthy eating and not drinking on weekdays!



It was a beautiful – perfect, really – evening and Penn’s Landing wasn’t far, so we walked from the restaurant to the venue. After a couple of meh openers (All American Rejects played, and let me just say that if you’re familiar with the lead singer’s character on Parenthood, they apparently toned down his real-life personality when writing for him), Dashboard took the stage. Although I ultimately purchased the tickets for Jeff’s benefit, I’m secretly a huge Dashboard fan myself and definitely fangirled out a bit. Chris Carrabba sounds AMAZING live, and he seems like a delightful, classy guy. All around, it was a pretty great night, and it felt good to let off some steam mid-week.


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