Hex wine rack

As I recently mentioned, I’m in possession of a LOT of wine since signing up for Bright Cellars, and then switching to Winc. Currently, the bottles of red live in the little nook of our kitchen counter with the rest of our liquor (I still need to find a bar cart!), and all the bottles of white are in the fridge. But the counter is starting to overflow with bottles, and unless I get some major sippage in, the fridge won’t have enough room for my next shipment. I definitely need to invest in a wine rack, and soon.

I’ve had my eye on a gold hex wine rack for months now, but I’ve just had trouble biting the bullet and paying the $50 or $60 – I’ve been holding out and hoping it goes on sale. After foolishly missing a sale on Domino for $40 (d’oh!) I think it’s time to give in and make my purchase. Now, the only question that remains, is: which one?


This is the original rack I’d been eyeing up – I originally found it at Domino, but this image is from Wayfair. This particular rack is currently priced at $64.99, but I’ve seen the exact same rack at other merchants priced between $50-$60.


This beauty is from Crate & Barrel, currently $49.95. I love that it comes in a copper finish, in addition to gold, chrome, and nickel.

shopping (1)

This guy from Amazon is currently $48.31. Although I don’t love the look of this one quite as much, I do like that it’s wall-mounted – as of now, I’m not totally sure where I plan to place a tabletop rack.


I’m not a huge fan of the chunky look of this rack from World Market (currently $29.95), but Jeff’s not the hugest fan of gold and would probably like this one a little better.


This wood guy from Pier One is a cutie, and is definitely budget-friendly at $19.95, but it’s a bit small for my purposes.

And the winner is…the Crate & Barrel wine rack in the copper finish. Although it’s not quite as visually interesting as the first rack, it holds more bottles and I love the variety of finishes available. I love mixing metals throughout our home, and the copper finish will add a nice touch to our dining room (plus, it’s a nice compromise for gold-hating Jeff). Sold! Now to figure out where to put it…


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