Love Is…

Love is…reading one of those sappy “Love Is” posts that say something like, “Love is not having fun and laughing every day. Love is fighting over the dishwasher and having a meltdown because you work late every day and he didn’t put the dishes away. Love is driving each other crazy and screaming at each other, but still being happy that they’re there at the end of the day…” etc. etc. etc., and thinking to yourself, “…Nope! Love IS having fun and laughing on a daily basis, and eating dinner together every night, and being a team, and laughing your heads off all the time because you’re each others’ best friends. Love is your man coming inside and literally singing a song about what a pretty lady you are and doing a silly dance. Love is being happy, every day.”

To quote Sex and the City:

Samantha: Relationships aren’t just about being happy. I mean, how often are you happy in your relationship? 
Charlotte: Every day. 
Samantha: Every day? 
Charlotte: Well, not all day every day; but yes, every day.

Love is whatever you make it. I’m not saying that you can’t fight in a healthy relationship (fighting is healthy!) or that you have to be happy every second, but your relationship should make you happy. Every day. At least a little. And reading those dumb posts make me realize just how lucky I am to have a guy that makes me laugh and feel comfortable and silly and loved and HAPPY, every day.



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