Hello, friends!

Hey, guys!

As you can probably tell, life’s been a little crazy to update the old blog. And to be honest, the break has felt pretty good. I write a lot (actually, constantly) at work, so I was a little burnt out. But I’m missing writing about lighter, less serious stuff, so I’m going to try to get back in the saddle. I can’t make any promises as to how often I’ll be able to update, at least until after we get back from our honeymoon, but I’ve reached the point with the wedding where I have most all of the major things covered and all I need to do is get all the little details in order and wait for the fun to start!

Here are a few updates around what’s been going on:

-We finally finished the guest room floors! It’s a good thing we decided to wait until after the holidays, because the process took a total of about two months (to be fair, it probably could have been finished more quickly if necessary). I haven’t added much to the room, decor-wise, but I’m LOVING how it looks so far. Kudos to Jeff and Liam for a job well done. I’ll post some more pics soon!


-My best childhood friend had a baby! A precious little lady, Aria (such a pretty name). She’s perfect. My friend lives in Seattle, so I haven’t been able to meet her yet, but I can’t wait to spoil the bejeesus out of her.

-We had a couple of back-to-back family health emergencies – both my dad and my mom’s longtime boyfriend had heart trouble (my dad had to have an unexpected quadruple bypass, and my mom’s boyfriend had a heart attack that got misdiagnosed as digestive issues. They didn’t find out it was a heart attack until WEEKS later!) Luckily, everyone’s doing well. My dad is actually super healthy in general, and is doing so great after his surgery that he literally walks miles and miles every day. And my amazing mother took care of BOTH of them. It’s pretty cool to have such a unique family that cares for each other even though my parents aren’t together (and haven’t been for years and years).

-My bridal shower is next weekend!! My wonderful co-maid of honor is throwing me a nice, low-key brunch party at her house. I originally had said I didn’t want a bridal shower, but I’m happy I caved. My mom will be staying with me for the weekend, and I’m excited to get mani-pedis, take her to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, and for her to meet some of my friends and Jeff’s family that she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet yet. This has been a real dud of a spring around here, and I’m hoping the weather is warm enough for me to wear the cute sundress I bought without a cardigan or jacket. I mean, c’mon – it’ll be the second to last weekend of May!

-Crazily enough, we still haven’t done engagement photos – another thing I said I didn’t want to do, but my photographer pointed out that it’s a good opportunity to get comfortable taking more formal photos together (plus, they came with our photography package). We obviously won’t be using them for our save the dates or anything else formal, but it’ll be nice to have some pretty, professional pictures of us together. I’m hoping to do them shortly after my shower – we’re pretty much just waiting for the weather to cooperate. We’re going to head to Old New Castle, which is a historic little area with cobblestone streets, lots of colonial buildings, and a pretty park on the waterfront.

-I stayed true to my word and signed up for a personal trainer, and have been seeing her (usually) twice weekly since late January. Unfortunately, I haven’t been super dedicated to controlling my diet or being consistent with going to the gym, and it’s been too cold/rainy to get outside much, so I’ve pretty much just been maintaining the same weight since the beginning of the year. Luckily, I’m pretty happy with the weight I’m at…being that it’s my wedding, though, I’d still like to lose a little weight before the time comes. I have a little over three months to go, and the weather HAS to warm up soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to kick it into high gear in the next few months.



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