Life Lately

Things have been crazy around the old Genco-Raum household (side note: it’s crazy to think about how we’ll soon just be the “Raum household,” and I’m having a tough time deciding whether to hang on to my “Genco” for a bit longer and addressing our Christmas cards as “Genco/Raum”, or if I want to drop the formality and just go with “Raum”…or, perhaps I should just go with “Jessi & Jeff.”). This is a change for us, as we tend to be pretty low-key. Between wedding planning, a sudden influx in social outings, and a promotion for Jeff, things around here have been non-stop. Here’s what’s up:

Stressing About: Choosing my wedding dress! It’s a fun stress, of course, but it’s such a hard decision! I knew from the get-go that I’d love everything I tried (within the style I was looking for, anyway), and it’s proven to be true. I’m down to three finalists, but that final decision is proving to be a killer. I also have to forcibly stop myself from continuing to shop…I think I’m a little addicted to trying on dresses. It’s just so FUN, and for someone who doesn’t tend to put myself in the spotlight a lot, I’m kinda soaking up the attention.

Loving: Afternoon tea time. I’ve never been much of a hot tea drinker (I tend to drink hot tea for about a one-week period right when the weather turns cooler in the fall), but I’ve settled into a daily routine of afternoon tea at work. I’ve found that I get antsy right around 1:30 every day, and stopping to sip a nice, hot cup of tea helps me focus (I’m a purist and just drink plain old english breakfast tea…no sugar, no milk, no nothin’). Plus, my office is always FREEZING, so the extra warmth is definitely welcome.

Looking For: A haircut that I don’t hate. I have an appointment for a cut on Thursday, and my hair is at that awkward “not long, not short” length. I want to chop it with every inch of my being, but I’m forcing myself to grow it out for the wedding. I’m going to wear it up so it doesn’t technically need to be very long, but my hair is stupid fine (as in thin, not as in “girl, you look STUPID fine!”) and I can use all the bulk I can get. So, I need to find a haircut that I can tolerate at this length. I’m also pretty lazy with my hair, and I feel like I have to rock the messy wave look for my hair to look even kind of presentable at this length, which takes a lot more effort than I’m willing to exert on a daily basis. Wish me luck!

Excited For: Our wedding cake tasting! We’re going next Friday, and who wouldn’t want to taste six different kinds of delicious layer cake?? I thought that it was way early to be doing a cake tasting, but apparently not, according to our baker. Twist my arm!

Obsessed With: Nick Kroll. Jeff and I just recently watched the entire series of The League (I know, I know…we can’t keep up with everything), and subsequently started watching Kroll Show, and I’m hooked. Jeff wanted to surprise me with tickets to the off-broadway production of “Oh, Hello” (we’re both also in love with John Mulaney, and saw him when he was in town this summer), but the tickets sold out pretty much immediately.

Listening To: San Fermin. They’re the perfect mix of theatrical and chill background music, with my required little bit of quirk thrown in. They’re coming to Wilmington in December, and I’m determined to see them (I’m trying to see more live music, and I also have my mind set on seeing Punch Brothers when they also come to Wilmington in December, less than a week apart from San Fermin).

Shopping For: Christmas gifts! It’s that time of year, and I’m actually a little behind, at least for me. I don’t think there’s much that I enjoy more in the world than buying gifts.

Eating: Soup. I can’t get enough soup this time of year. Jeff’s not a huge fan (he doesn’t think of soup as a full meal), but I can always whip up a couple of grilled cheeses and he’s a happy camper. Plus, a huge batch of soup will cover my lunches for pretty much the whole week. This is on the menu for tonight.

Soaking Up: Every last bit of this gorgeous autumn. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been out and about more than usual, but the colors have been just about literally taking my breath away this year. I’m taking every chance I can get to be outside, whether it’s taking Groobs for nice long walks or volunteering at work, working on low income housing downstate (the country around here is a sight to behold right now). I’ve even been walking to the grocery store in favor of driving.



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