Guilty Pleasure Snacks

What’s your guilty pleasure snack?

You know, the thing you eat that’s kind of gross, but so delicious you can’t stop won’t stop? Not necessarily something super indulgent (although it certainly could be!), but something that you’d be a little embarrassed by if someone you didn’t know that well caught you doing it? For example, I know some people who dip french fries in mayonnaise…not fancy aioli or artisanal roasted garlic saffron mayonnaise; just straight, plain ol’ mayo from the jar. My childhood best friend used to eat white bread with butter and sugar. My old roommate used to eat spaghetti with peanut butter!

Mine is tortilla chips with sour cream.


My roommate (a different one) and I used to walk to the convenience store and buy a bag of tortilla chips, a jar of tostitos medium salsa, and a tub of sour cream, and then we’d go home and eat the whole bag of chips. While I do love to throw salsa in the mix, maybe even some chunked up avocado, I can eat the chip dipped in only sour cream and enjoy it. Immensely. I continued this tradition when I worked in a Mexican restaurant…I’d just keep a thing of chips and a little ramekin of sour cream at the bar, and munch on it all night long. It’s gotta be yellow corn tortilla chips, though…none of those gross white ones (although I think it was the white corn tortillas that started the whole thing with my roommate). And the chips need to be nice and salty.

Disgusting, right? What’s your guilty pleasure snack? We all have ’em.


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