Oh, hello.

First post! First post!

For those of you who know me, I decided to start a fresh blog. I was going to just revive my old one, but I changed my mind. I always felt that it was a little all over the place – and that’s fine, but I wasn’t fine with it, and it showed. I worried too much about “my audience” (ahem, basically just people my mom forced to read by blog) and whether or not I was staying authentic to myself, and when I WAS staying authentic to myself, whether I was being too offensive and scaring people off.

Nah, yo. I’m done with that.

My life has changed a lot since I first started my old blog – I changed careers a few times, bought a house, got engaged, and developed a real, albeit very dull, adult life. I became less angry, by nature. I developed a major interest in design and found somewhat of a personal style. I think a new blog that more appropriately reflects who I am today is in order.

Anyway, let’s just assume you don’t know me.


I’m Jessi. I’m in my early 30s, I live in Delaware, and I work for a major bank (it’s cool, and that’s pretty much the last we’ll discuss it – believe me, it’s not interesting enough to discuss). I was briefly a professional baker, and plan to be again at some point in my life. I’m a writer by nature, and always have been. If I were to do my life over, I’d be more serious about school and write for some type of publication (back then, it probably would have been a magazine). But I don’t want to do my life over, because my life is dope. And so I blog.

I’m currently engaged to a wonderful, sweet, funny, handsome, obnoxious, high-strung, messy, gross man (hi Jeffrey), so you’ll probably hear about my wedding planning at some point. I don’t forsee it being excessive at this juncture, but who knows how wedding obsessed I’ll become. I’m not promising anything. We get married next August.

I’m going to try to just go with the flow here, and not worry too much about keeping the content consistent or trying to gain any specific audience. I guess you could say I’m going to try not to SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF (see what I did there?!) I’m an open book, so feel free to get in touch if you want to chat. Let’s have some fun.



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