Secret Single Behavior

Every respectable woman (ha!) is familiar with the Sex and the City reference. For those you of who are unfamiliar, Secret Single Behavior is behavior you participate in when you’re at home by yourself. I think it typically refers to┬ásingle women who live by themselves (as evidenced by Carrie’s freakout when she decided to move … More Secret Single Behavior


Ooh! I almost forgot! My dear friend Jeff (not to be confused with my fiancee Jeff) is one of the top 4 finalists in the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest. HOW EFFING COOL IS THAT?! The flavor that he came up with is New York Reuben, and not that I’m biased or anything, but … More #VOTEREUBEN

Guilty Pleasure Snacks

What’s your guilty pleasure snack? You know, the thing you eat that’s kind of gross, but so delicious you can’t stop won’t stop? Not necessarily something super indulgent (although it certainly could be!), but something that you’d be a little embarrassed by if someone you didn’t know that well caught you doing it? For example, … More Guilty Pleasure Snacks

Oh, hello.

First post! First post! For those of you who know me, I decided to start a fresh blog. I was going to just revive my old one, but I changed my mind. I always felt that it was a little all over the place – and that’s fine, but I wasn’t fine with it, and … More Oh, hello.